Monday, December 20, 2010

Year End Thoughts

As the year winds down, well... UP for AAWAA, hear are a few thoughts about this year.

Thank you to the many volunteers that have come in to help AAWAA sustain it's mission to present and document the work of Asian American women in the arts. We can definitely put our stake in the ground about awareness in the academic centers and the de Young Museum, a few more curators and funders know about us and hear from us regularly. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, we've been able to more fully capture the works and the artists we've been fortunate enough work with.

An AAWAA newsletter will be sent shortly with some surprise news for AAWAA and this upcoming

Please join us on Facebook, this blog, see videos on You Tube and Become a member or a donor to keep AAWAA on it's upward trajectory. We are also actively seeking new volunteers and board members and will be posting the job descriptions early January 2011.

Short clips of works in progress 8-2010 for
A Place of Her Own. Vivian Truong, Nancy Hom and Susan Almazol

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