Saturday, August 13, 2011

Order "Cheers to Muses" for your class or local library today!

Cheers to Muses is a pioneering anthology featuring visual art, fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction by Asian American women who challenge contemporary and historical assumptions about what it means to create Asian American art. What distinguishes Cheers to Muses from many other anthologies are the moving dedications, written by our contributors, to other Asian American women whose lives or works have influenced and inspired their own. They serve as a testament to the fact that these contemporary artists and writers are part of a continuum of the Asian American woman’s struggle for independence and creative freedom.

As part of AAWAA's mission to provide greater awareness about Asian American women artists and their art, we're currently promoting the book in
colleges and universities. Getting Cheers to Muses into the classrooms, either as a Creative Writing, Ethnic Studies or Fine Arts text will provide our artists with much deserved visibility. Our goal is for 2-5 professors to agree to put the book on their syllabus this Fall semester. If you know of any professors who might be interested in including our book in their curriculum, please email

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