Saturday, August 13, 2011

A PLACE OF HER OWN Social Service Initiative

The A PLACE OF HER OWN Social Service Initiative is well underway! In 2011, the San Francisco Arts Commission awarded AAWAA an Arts and Communities Innovative Partnerships (ACIP) Exploratory Grant, commissioning us to research and cultivate potential partnerships between AAWAA and San Francisco non-arts organizations serving Asian American women. AAWAA has seen the creative process behind A PLACE change the lives of our participating artists. We plan to take our creative process and insightful journey for personal growth and healing beyond arts exhibitions into the social service field. In the service of this mission, we have assembled an amazing and informal advisory team with tremendous experience in social service, healing, and the arts. Our staff is hard at work sourcing additional grants, formulating the A PLACE process into a curriculum for non-artists, and initiating relationships with potential participants for our exploratory phase workshop series.

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