Saturday, November 21, 2009

Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless

Shizue Seigel has two poems in a new anthology, “Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless,” published by Popcorn Press, and edited by UW-La Crosse Instructor Patrick T. Randolph and his wife, Gamze.

The idea behind the project came when Randolph asked his wife how a poet could make a small difference. She mused, why not use a craft to have fun, raise social awareness, showcase poets and help people in need? Randolph’s answer was an anthology. The book includes 80 poets three foreign countries and 28 states, 151 poems and 30 photographs. It’s the first of its kind with such depth and participation of poets, says Randolph. The book is No. 4 on Amazon’s hot release list.

This is Randolph’s first book of poetry, “Father’s Philosophy,” has been a bestseller for Popcorn Press. “Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless” is available on Popcorn Press’s Web site, and

All profits from the book will go to nationwide programs devoted to helping the hungry and homeless.

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